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Hello Stranger.

My name is Robyn.


Let's begin our


There’s a lot about me that could have initially caught your attention. What was it that drew you in? Could it have been the mischievous glimmer in my eyes? My classic bombshell curves? The tasteful artwork that adorns my smooth skin? Either way, I’ve got your attention and I intend to keep it.

"I can resist everything except temptation" - Oscar wilde

You’ll quickly find there is an incendiary quality about me; a lust for life and a curious nature that will both entice and ignite you. I have frequently been described as an old soul, but I like to add a modern twist to the notion. I have had the good fortune to live out a bohemian lifestyle- I spend my days writing screenplays in coffee shops, creating visual experiences with like-minded artists, traveling across the globe, and tucking myself away in dimly lit jazz clubs. My ever-curious nature has been my gateway to beauty- beautiful places, beautiful art, beautiful food, and beautiful connections.  In conversation, I am vibrant, charming, quick-witted and knowledgeable in the arts, history, and music. Behind closed doors, I am equally fiery and sensual- a blaze matched with a sweet, slow burn. 


Here's to me

Age • Birthday ............  27 • April 13
Height ............ 5'3"
Intimates ............ 34G • Hourglass
Dress ............ 6-8 • Medium
Shoe ............ 7
Vaccine ............ Fully vaccinated
Star Sign ............

Music ...... Psychedelic rock, disco, new wave, funk, jazz, post-punk, house
Literature ...... Short story, horror, science fiction, poetry, biography, graphic novels
Cuisine: Japanese, French, Spanish, Middle Eastern, Soul/Cajun, New American, Thai
Pastimes ..... Cinema, concerts, burlesque, writing, video games, dancing, travel
Small Pleasures ...... Spa days, sour gummy candies, vinyl, houseplants, fresh flowers


Here's to you

You are a respectful, compassionate soul seeking an escape from the monotonous. Your taste has always been delightfully unconventional. You crave a lasting connection. You are ready to explore, experience, and entice. Your desires are ready to be fulfilled.

Lingerie: Agent Provocateur, Bordelle, Honey Birdette, Marie Mur, Creepyyeha, Playful Promises, Wolford

Designers: Christian Louboutin, Vivienne Westwood, Mugler,  Marc Jacobs, Prada, Miu Miu, Moschino, Allsaints, Dilara Findikoglu

Flowers: Rose, bleeding heart, peony, sunflower, tiger lily, cannabis 

N/A Libations: Pellegrino, Töst, Seedlip, Recess, De Soi, Element Pinnaple- Tumeric Shrub 

Latex: Demask International, Lady Lucie, Vex Clothing, Pandora Deluxe, The Baroness NYC, Jane Doe

Gift cards: Identity Body Piercing, Reckless Records, Lush Cosmetics, Sephora, Etsy, Tattoo sponsorship

Charities: St. James Infirmary, Red Light Legal, Brave Space Alliance, The Sylvia Rivera Project, Planned Parenthood

Wish lists: WISHTENDER

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