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The First Morning Back

The calendar reads March 12, 2021. Morning cup of coffee in hand, I lift my work phone out of it's resting place. The screen begins to light back up, and I feel a rush I haven't felt in too long. Opening my messages, I see a flurry of "can't wait for your returns" from you. I stop and think, "when was the last time I used this?" The answer? December.

A lot has changed since I last brushed my fingers across this screen in 2020; Physically, and mentally, and both for the better (I'm as sure of that as I'm sure that I have to sleep on my back now.) It's no secret that 2020 took us all for a wild ride. Instantaneously, our lives were halted and turned upside down. Months were clouded by endless news cycles, anxieties, burdens, and loss. We're officially a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and the light has begun to glimmer at the end of the tunnel. On the car ride to my vaccination appointment, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted. The idea of new lovers, far-off vacations, pulsing concerts, and enjoying life outside my own 4 walls suddenly seemed like more than a distant dream. I can't lie, the Moderna needle going into my arm felt almost as good as sex.

Another weight is lifting as the city is returning to spring. After a particularly snowy winter, I'n reminded of why spring has always been one of my favorite seasons- Partially biased, as I'm an April baby, but it's for good reason. You can feel the energy around you as the snow melts and the wind becomes warm. It's a rebirth, a time for new beginnings and taking chances.

The way I'm feeling this morning writing this follows the theme of rebirth. I'm returning to the lingerie workforce feeling refreshed and aligned. I have never felt so ready to return to doing what I love. I've missed the flutters that come before a date, and the feeling of finally relaxing into one another, opening up, celebrating each other's presence. It's moments like this, as I'm sipping my coffee and musing, that really make me appreciate the life I've created for myself. I'm so excited to welcome you back into it.

Until next time, here's a list of small pleasures I experienced during my hiatus:

• Successfully finished a 1000 piece puzzle

• Enjoyed The Lover's Discourse by Xiaolu Guo and others

• Took some excellent baths

• Dove deeper into Dolly Parton's discography

• Focused on and expanded my artistic projects

• Beat Spiritfarer and Night In The Woods

• Got some new plants, accidentally killed some others

See you soon

- Robyn

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