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End of 2022 date guide

Is it me or was 2021 just a second ago?

With 2023 coming right around the corner, it's always natural to begin focusing on plans. What dish you're bringing to the holidays... Another office party to prep small talk for... What your resolution for next year will be... Naturally, I've been making end-of-the-year plans of my own as well. I can always count on the final months of the year to be filled with joy, laughter, and all that classic feel-good cheer. As the days get shorter and colder, the perfect solution to staying warm is getting busy! That's where I come in.

Let's end this year the right way... together and with a bang (pun intended.)


Chicago has it's fair share of speakeasies and given its former Mob-run history, that fact probably doesn't phase anyone. However, the newest member of the secretive pack possesses quite the punch. Located in the Four Seasons, the Mile High Cocktail Club has impressive views on the 46th floor. The menu takes you on a libation-fueled trip around the wonders of the world with elevated menu options. Let's admire the beautiful city, suck down oysters, listen to live music, and cozy up in the clouds.


If you're a Chicagoan, you knew this one was coming. Who can resist walking arm-in-arm with hot cocoa in hand under thousands of lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo? I know I can't! An adults-only night is the perfect setting for any romantic holiday stroll. We'll bundle up for an outdoor adventure with the fun of taking it all off waiting for us after.

Pasta Making Class

For a time period so focused on food, it would be a crime if we didn't learn to make some for ourselves! A pasta class will put our chef skills to the test, fill our stomaches, and raise our spirits. Plus, I look pretty cute with an apron on!

Dinner at Bambola

One of Chicago's hottest new dinner options is Bambola, owned by the same restauranteurs behind Michelin-approved Porto. The decor balances between ornate and refined with an impressive bar feature. The menu is influenced by travelers of the Silk Road with an array of Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian options. Colorful, sensuous, and full of flavor- just like me!

If any of these date ideas spark an interest, you know what to do. Happy Holidays!



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